At Summit Riverside Apartments, our luxury apartments make for a comfortable and cozy place to live. With unit amenities that include stainless steel appliances, full-size washers and dryers, designer flooring, plus carpeting, patios and balconies with storage, wood-burning fireplaces, walk-in closets, central heating and air, track lights, updated light fixtures, and dark wood cabinets, there’s a whole lot to love about living here!

You’ll also find plenty of nearby bike trails, a contemporary clubhouse, a 24-hour fitness center, outdoor heated saltwater pool, full-size basketball court, and more around here. Add in the fact that we offer pet-friendly apartments and it can make our apartments a no brainer.

In other words, we’ll provide you with the vast majority of what you need to be happy in a living space, and adding onto what we provide is going to be up to you. But what can you do to really make your apartment your own? Thankfully, we have a few tips for you in today’s post. The end result is a living space that’s truly unique. Keep reading to learn more.

Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Apartment

Get Some Rugs

One of the most overlooked home decor tools is a simple rug. Think about it this way — rugs are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. In other words, they offer pretty much limitless abilities to make a room feel like it belongs to you. No matter your favorite type of design or the colors you enjoy having in your living space, a room offers a quick and easy way to help transform the entire feel of a room, making it one of the best ways to make your apartment feel like it’s truly unique to you.

Corral Your Items

Do you have a collection of items? Pull them all together and make them an intentional part of the aesthetic of your apartment. For example, if you have a cool collection of vinyl records, put them on display and make them a focal point in your living room! Do you like action figures? Display them with pride!

Similarly, you could even corral similar items together onto a serving tray and place it in an appropriate space. One idea is to put soap, hand towels, cotton balls, and lotion onto a tray and set it next to the bathroom sink. The possibilities are endless!

Open the Windows

Simple, easy, and free, opening the blinds on your windows can make your apartment feel like it’s a completely different space. Admittedly, this is a bit of a challenge to do in the middle of winter because the days are impossibly short. If you can find a time when you’re at home and it’s light out, simply letting some light in can provide your apartment with something that’s out of the ordinary.

Grab a Few Mirrors

A trick that interior designers have been using since probably the beginning of time is to add mirrors to your living space. Not only does this help to make a space feel bigger, but it also reflects light, making your apartment feel much brighter. Our advice is to avoid putting mirrors on walls opposite of windows, instead opting to put them adjacent to the windows. Don’t want to hang the mirror on the wall? That’s probably a good idea in an apartment. The good news is that it’s on trend to lean your mirror up against the wall.

Pick Up Plants

Probably the easiest way to spruce up any living space is to add plants. Whether it’s a beautiful fiddle leaf fig in the corner of your living room or an assortment of succulents in the bedroom, having a bit of nature on display in your apartment is a great way to make it feel cozier. We can’t say exactly what it is about plants that make a living space feel that much more inviting, but if you don’t believe us, give it a try and see for yourself.

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t despair. Succulents are available in a variety of different species and they require very little water to thrive. Bamboo plants are just the opposite, needing plenty of water (which means that you can’t accidentally kill them by giving them too much water). At the end of the day, the takeaway should be that no matter your visual preferences or level of plant expertise, there’s a plant that will look great in your apartment.

Make Your Home at Summit Riverside Apartments

Sprucing up your living space is easy when you start with one of our luxury apartments in Littleton. At Summit Riverside Apartments, we are proud to offer a number of floor plans to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom apartment, a 2-bedroom apartment, or a studio apartment, we can help. We even have loft apartments for rent!

There is a whole lot to love about living in Littleton, so whether you’d like to enjoy one of the many amazing restaurants in our city or checkout the world-renowned local breweries here in Colorado, you’re sure to have the time of your life. We’re also close to national parks, hiking trails, and more. Whether you’re single and new to the area or you’ve lived in our state for years and you need somewhere new to live, you’re sure to appreciate your time at Summit Riverside Apartments.

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