Did you know that Summit Riverside Apartments offers three different floor plans for apartments with loft spaces? It’s a great thing to have, so whether you’re in need of a studio apartment, a 1-bedroom apartment, or a 2-bedroom apartment, having a loft space is a great thing.

But how can you get the most out of all of that extra space? Not all apartments have such cool areas to take advantage of, so it can be a little bit tricky to figure out how to use it. The good news is that in today’s post, we’ll be sharing a few great suggestions for what you can do to make the most of your loft apartment. Keep reading to learn more!

How Will You Use Your Loft Space?

Create a Cozy, Relaxing Atmosphere

You watch television in your living room, cook in your kitchen, and sleep in your bedroom. Needless to say, although you can relax in any of these areas, having a dedicated restful zone can be incredibly beneficial!

Add a couch to your loft space, decorate with soft twinkle lights, and add some comfortable throw pillows and you’re in business — the business of relaxation! Toss a soft blanket or two into the mix and you have a special space to go when you need to take it easy at the end of a long day. Set up a bookshelf and enjoy a quiet reading nook. Add a television and watch your favorite movies. However you prefer to relax, having a go-to spot can make a huge difference.

Display a Collection

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a good chance that you have started collecting things. Whether, like we mentioned above, it’s a bookshelf full of your favorite books or it’s vintage Star Wars action figures, having a space to display a collection you love can be an incredibly cool thing to do.

Do you have several crates full of your favorite albums on vinyl? Set up a record player and turn it into your music-listening-room. Whatever the case may be, if you have a collection of items that you can group together, take advantage of the loft space to put your belongings on display.

Set Up a Home Office

In this day and age, working from home is easier than ever. If you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can get a lot of work done. Although we’re (hopefully) past blizzards, closed roads, and bomb cyclones this year, the truth is that the roads can sometimes get pretty bad in Colorado. Having a space where you can get some work done on snow days is a wonderful thing.

Or, of course, when the weather is too nice outside, you can request to work from home. After all, if you work from home, you can take a dip in our outdoor pool on your lunch break. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Are You Interested in Renting an Apartment With Loft Space?

As we mentioned, we offer three different floor plans that include loft space, so if you are looking for apartments in Littleton, CO, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re moving here from across the country or you’ve lived in this amazing city for years and you just need a new place to live, Summit Riverside Apartments offers incredible amenities, numerous floor plans, and amazing features that you’re sure to love.

Oh, and did we mention that our living spaces are pet-friendly?

Ready to come by and take a look? We’d love to show you around. Schedule a tour today. We look forward to meeting you!