Most of us know that moving is very stressful, especially if you are moving across states to somewhere you’ve never been before. While it’s probably exciting, it’s also hard getting familiar with a new area and physically moving all of your precious belongings.

One of your most precious belongings you may be moving is your cat. Cats, as all cat owners know, are finicky creatures, and most don’t do well with changes in their environment. When moving, it’s imperative to help your cat adjust to their new apartment as well.

Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton offers amazing one- and two-bedroom apartments, including apartments with lofts, for your next move to the area. We have amazing amenities for you to take advantage of, such as our outdoor salt-water swimming pool and our 24-hour fitness center, and we offer apartment luxuries, such as walk-in closets, designer flooring, and stainless steel appliances. Everything in our apartments in Littleton is designed for your comfort. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how you can help your cat adjust to their new apartment. Contact us today to get started!


Packing Stage

Animals, including cats, can pick up on human emotions very easily, and they can be influenced by them as well. Odds are, your cat already knows something is up probably by sensing your heightened stress and activity level. Also, the packing boxes are probably a big clue as well. Although your cat is probably eagerly helping you pack your boxes (by jumping in and out of them), they might be a little nervous. Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton recommends that you can help your cat by sticking to routine as much as possible. Continue to feed your cat at the same times, play with them, and give them lots of affection. You’ll also want to haul out your cat carrier and put that out for your cat to explore since they will be riding in it very soon.

Moving In Stage

Moving involves a lot of going in and out of your house frequently. For some cats, open doors are invitations to dart out and explore the world around them — something you definitely don’t want your cat doing. We recommend that you put your cat in a room (preferably a room where their cat litter, food, and water are) while you are in the actual moving in and out process. This will ensure that your cat doesn’t dash out the door or get inadvertently hurt by being stepped on while carrying big, heavy boxes.

The Car Ride

Most cats hate being confined, and if your cat hates their cat carrier, expect for a nervous (and perhaps loud and piteous meowing) car ride. The secret to transporting your cat is to make it as quick as possible. Choose a time that is not rush hour traffic, and plan your route accordingly to make it as short as possible.

Your New Apartment Stage

Cats, being individuals, will adjust in their own way. Some cats may run and hide for a while until it feels safe enough to come out. Other cats may explore by walking around a lot. However, the best way for your cat to adjust to a new surrounding is to pick one room and put them in it with their litter and food bowls. This will allow your cat to adjust to this one room without feeling overwhelmed. Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton notes that this is the least stressful way to acclimate your cat to your new apartment. Some cats react to stress by not eating or by even becoming ill. Some won’t be able to find their litter box and thus may soil elsewhere. Or, they may tear up your couch! Check on your cat’s well-being frequently to ensure it’s needs are being met while it adjusts.

Explore Time!

Once the hub-bub of activity has died down, you can let your cat out to explore the rest of your new apartment. It may still return to its safe room frequently during this time and that’s OK. Your cat will adjust at their own pace. You’ll want to keep your activity to a minimum as well, so your cat doesn’t become overwhelmed or anxious by your constant comings and goings, and any loud noises that can accompany unpacking boxes.

You’ll want to watch your cat during the first week or two after the move to ensure they are doing OK. You’ll also want to leave their litter and cat bowls in the safe room for a few weeks until your cat is completely comfortable in their new place.

Love Your Cat

Spend as much time with your cat after the move as possible. Cats, despite the attitude they portray, are attached to us, and look to us for their comfort and well-being. It’s up to us to give them everything they need, and then some. The more love and affection you give your cat during this time, the happier they will be!


Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton is a pet-friendly apartment complex. Offering one- and two-bedroom apartments, some with lofts, we do our best to make your move easy and less stressful on you and your cat. Our apartments offer many luxuries, including full-size washers and dryers, stainless steel appliances, designer flooring, and track lighting. Being in Littleton, you have access to everything Denver affords, such as nearby bike trails, proximity to the mountains, and so much more. Colorado is a beautiful place to call home, and we do our best to make sure you feel at home.

Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton offers enclosed balconies and patios, low pet rent, and a safe and fun neighborhood. We regularly host community events so you can get to know others in your area, and we pride ourselves on always being available to answer your questions and get your maintenance issues handled quickly. When you are looking for a new apartment complex that loves cats, consider our one- or two-bedroom apartments in Littleton. Contact us today for a tour!