When looking for an apartment, most people want more than just a place to sleep. In fact, if you are searching for a place, you are probably looking for a one- or two-bedroom apartment close to where your work or where you want to live with a lot of amenities. You are also probably looking for a cozy, comfortable, and luxurious place to call home.

Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton offers all of that and more. Our mission is to not only offer you a place to rest, but also a community to which you can belong. We do this through promoting regular get-togethers and by providing common areas where you can get together, work, or just hang out. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of having a 24-hour fitness center at your apartment complex. Contact us today to schedule a tour!


Helps You Stay Healthy

With a 24-hour fitness center at your apartment complex, you have no excuse not to workout. As most of us know, exercise is vital in order to maintain our health, help us to lose weight or not gain weight, and helps ward off health conditions. However, after a long day at work or at school, it can be really difficult to drive home, get dressed, drive to the gym, go in, and get moving. When you have a fitness center at your apartment complex, all of these steps are eliminated, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, the weather in Colorado can be a hindrance to exercise as well, especially when going to the gym. With an apartment fitness center, you won’t have to drive in the snow to workout or freeze getting there.

Helps You Meet Others

By going to a fitness center at your apartment complex, you will meet other people who live near you. So often at other fitness centers, people may live far away, and if the gym is big, it can be really hard to meet others. You may even begin to see the same people who go at the same time as you do every day, which could lead to a great friendship down the road.

Helps You Save Money

Gym memberships can be expensive. When your apartment complex offers a gym, there usually is no extra charge to use it. The fitness center is there for members only to use when they please. You’ll also save money by not having to drive to the gym or by not having to buy gym clothes just to look nice in. Summit Riverside Apartments’ 24-hour fitness center has no extra charge for use.

Helps You Maintain a Schedule

Many people don’t exercise because the hours of their gym just don’t match their lifestyle. If you work a swing shift or your hours vary at work, making it to the gym can be next to impossible. With a 24-hour fitness center in your apartment complex, you can work out when it’s convenient for you. For example, if you have to be at work early, hit the gym at 4 am, or if you can’t sleep, visit at midnight. By working out when it suits your schedule, you will develop a routine that you can stick to for your overall health and wellness.


Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton offers the best one- and two-bedroom apartments, some apartments have a loft option as well. We do our best to make sure you feel at home, from answering your questions promptly to responding to maintenance issues quickly. We regularly offer community events to help people get to know their neighbors more.

In addition to our amazing 24-hour fitness center, we also offer an outdoor salt-water swimming pool, an internet cafe with coffee station, community barbeque grills, and covered parking and garages. We have a printer and a scanner for your use, and we can accept packages on your behalf. Our new contemporary clubhouse is very popular and is another great place to meet others.

As a pet-friendly apartment complex in Littleton, we offer low pet rent. Our balconies and patios are enclosed, making these safe places for your pet as well. You will most likely meet many other residents who have pets that you can connect with.

However, the amazing benefits don’t stop there. Inside our best apartments you will find an environment that oozes with luxury, from stainless steel appliances and plush carpeting to full-size washers and dryers and wood-burning fireplaces. While we encourage you to make friends amongst other residents, we understand that inside your one- or two-bedroom apartment is where you want luxury, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to make your apartment as cozy and comfortable as possible.

When you’re searching for “apartment near me,” call Summit Riverside Apartments in Littleton to schedule a tour today!